The Great Pendragon Campaign

483 AD.

Idmiston hall of records

During the Christmas court there was a situation with a lady flirting with prince Madoc. She obviously wanted to start an affair. Her husband was convinced there was an affair going on but we managed to defuse this situation before it came to blows.
Sir Roland and sir Belias are cursed in the fight they had with the ghostly knight.
We went on a quest to help them. We went north and reached a village where people recognised me from the year before. I have no recollection of ever having been there!
But it seems I was there with three companions questing for the Golden Fields and the sword of Peter the Apostle. We decided to continue this quest since my companions from the previous year had disappeared, and the Golden Fields should be able to help Roland and Belias.
We had a series of encounters that seemed designed to test us, and were able to get through and slew the Iridescent Dragon. We discovered my companions had perished, and laid them to rest. Roland and Belias were able to sleep in the Golden Fields and were healed. And I recovered the gladius. It’s a truly remarkable weapon.
Lady Helen and I had another baby this year. A son this time.



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