The Great Pendragon Campaign

481 AD.

Idmiston hall of records

Spring brought news of our new king Uther launching a campaign.
King Uther wanted to punish the king of Bedegraine for not paying tribute. Now, this is normal since one only pays tribute to the high king, which king uther isn’t. It seems to me he’s on a campaign to enforce this title.
In any event, as knights we’re honourbound to do our king’s bidding and departed on campaign.
We were given the opportunity to raid the countryside, but I elected not to do this. From my group only sir Belias did so. I consider this a strange thing as I know he’s raised in the Christian ways. Maybe his estate’s situation is more precarious than he says?
I decided to spend my time taklking to more older, established knights. I’m not above taking adise from people who’re older. But to my surprise in short order I found myself in the entourage of the king.
I must say I found this a bit of a daunting situation.

The actual battle was not much of a battle. Most of Bedegraine’s army switched sides. The king’s brother led most of them over to our side in exchange for the position of king. And in return he accepted king Uther as his superior. All in all this was a good campaign.

On another note lady Helen had our first child. We had a baby girl. I’ve decided to commence investments so in the next years I can increase our income. I feel we’re going to need it.



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