Uther period 480 AD - 495


• Might makes right. It is a practical and brutal world.

• The Truce of God is a set of rules made by the church to limit violence against innocents, to make holy days peaceful, and to protect church property. Most nobles and knights ignore it.

• Knighthood includes a set of virtues — loyalty to one’s lord and the willingness to face one’s enemies and deal out death being primary.

• Chivalry is known from some bard’s stories, especially those about Alexander the Great. Of course, while knights naturally treat their fellows-at-arms with respect and civility, no one thinks it would be a good idea to offer similar courtesy to the Saxons, or for that matter to any enemy (even another knight).

• Romance is unknown.


Armor: Norman (10-point) armor is the standard available. Helmets are open with a nose guard, and long shields are the rule.

Weapons: The following weapons listed in Pendragonare not yet available: flail, great sword, halberd, hammer, jousting lance, morning star, war flail.

Horses: Chargers are the best available horses, but they are specialized, exceptional animals not available to most knights. Rouncys are the common knight’s

Castles: Motte-and-bailey castles are prevalent. A few cities have stone walls, largely left over from Roman times. The few stone castles (such as the White Tower in London) are legendary for their uniqueness.

Uther period 480 AD - 495

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