The Great Pendragon Campaign

485 AD.
Idmiston hall of records

Earl Roderic wanted us to look into the story of a haunting at Yarnbury Castle. If we could solve this we would be appointed the commission of rebuilding this fortress.
It’s the restless spirit of a saxon chief who was slain there in a dishonourable manner: in the back.
We looked into it, and were attacked by this walking corpse. Our weapons couldn’t touch it.
So sir Roland decided to talk to his mage again. He set us on a quest to retrieve the sword that killed this chief.
As it turns out, the family of the knight who killed this man gave this blade to the sages of Cambridge.

484 AD.
Idmiston hall of records

King Uther made a deal with one of the other kings to further his ambitions of becoming High king.
He made an agreement to help break a Saxon siege at Eburacum, and in return that king would back him.
So we rode North. As has become expected the so called ‘Tardy Duke’ of Cornwall didn’t show. Neither did Merlin.
We rode into an ambush shortly before we reached our destination, and we were hard pressed and had to retreat.
We lost sir Belias in this battle.
That evening Merlin reached our camp and convinced king Uther to launch a night attack on the Saxon camp, under cover of magical fog.
This time we routed them, and I led our group against one of the Saxon kings whom we killed.

Lady Hellen and I saw the birth of our fourth child. A third daughter.

483 AD.
Idmiston hall of records

During the Christmas court there was a situation with a lady flirting with prince Madoc. She obviously wanted to start an affair. Her husband was convinced there was an affair going on but we managed to defuse this situation before it came to blows.
Sir Roland and sir Belias are cursed in the fight they had with the ghostly knight.
We went on a quest to help them. We went north and reached a village where people recognised me from the year before. I have no recollection of ever having been there!
But it seems I was there with three companions questing for the Golden Fields and the sword of Peter the Apostle. We decided to continue this quest since my companions from the previous year had disappeared, and the Golden Fields should be able to help Roland and Belias.
We had a series of encounters that seemed designed to test us, and were able to get through and slew the Iridescent Dragon. We discovered my companions had perished, and laid them to rest. Roland and Belias were able to sleep in the Golden Fields and were healed. And I recovered the gladius. It’s a truly remarkable weapon.
Lady Helen and I had another baby this year. A son this time.

482 AD.
Idmiston hall of records

Lord Roderic continued his search for a bride. He’s not taking this quest lightly.
Sir Roland received notice of a ghost that’s killing people on his estate. We all went there to see what could be done about it.
Well, he needed a magical weapon, and found some kind of pagan shaman who offered to help him in this quest. I wanted nothing to do with this evil magic, but sir Roland went with it. It’s his soul I suppose.
We tracked the magical weapon to a burial mound. And a type of dragon crawled out. When sir Belias rode of screaming I lost it. I was so angry about his cowardice I lost it.
I have no recollection as to what happened after this. But I came to weeks later praying at a chapel on sir Roland’s estate. I had a new white tabard in my belongings which couldn’t be soiled by any means.
Later we went to war. King Uther continues his attempt to consolidate power as high king. We invaded the Mage King’s lands, but he refused to meet us in the field. So king Uther resulted to occupying the castles, and sent home most of the goods I found in my castle.
However, the army became ill, and Uther was forced to settle. As soon as we reached Logres the illness went away.
Lady Helen and I have a second daughter now. All is well.

481 AD.
Idmiston hall of records

Spring brought news of our new king Uther launching a campaign.
King Uther wanted to punish the king of Bedegraine for not paying tribute. Now, this is normal since one only pays tribute to the high king, which king uther isn’t. It seems to me he’s on a campaign to enforce this title.
In any event, as knights we’re honourbound to do our king’s bidding and departed on campaign.
We were given the opportunity to raid the countryside, but I elected not to do this. From my group only sir Belias did so. I consider this a strange thing as I know he’s raised in the Christian ways. Maybe his estate’s situation is more precarious than he says?
I decided to spend my time taklking to more older, established knights. I’m not above taking adise from people who’re older. But to my surprise in short order I found myself in the entourage of the king.
I must say I found this a bit of a daunting situation.

The actual battle was not much of a battle. Most of Bedegraine’s army switched sides. The king’s brother led most of them over to our side in exchange for the position of king. And in return he accepted king Uther as his superior. All in all this was a good campaign.

On another note lady Helen had our first child. We had a baby girl. I’ve decided to commence investments so in the next years I can increase our income. I feel we’re going to need it.

480 AD.
Idmiston hall of records

News arrived the king was coming to Sarum for court this year.
Our lord departed early to make preparations for the arrival. He took squire Belias with him; he of the Bard Breath.
In the meantime he had an assignment for the rest of us. Before heading to Sarum Jorah, Roland and I were to go north and assist one of the villages with a man-eating bear.
During the hunt I got separated from the others and had an encounter with king Pelenore and what must have been the Questing Beast.
By the time I managed to find my way back to the others they’d killed the bear.

When we came back to the village we noticed a group of thugs accosting one of the farmers. I offered them a chance to surrender and face judgement, but these villains attacked. But naturally they were no match for us.

Back in Vagon castle we were met by sir Nidian, the Earl’s constable. We were to accompany him to Wynchbank castle to meet lady Ellen, and see if she would make a good match for marriage for our lord.

Later we went on to Sarum. Now this is a place one has to see with his own eyes to believe. The size of this place is unbelievable.
We took quarters in the barracks, and met prince Madoc, son of prince Uther. He seems a fine man.
And we received news we were to take part in the feast later that night. I thought this strange, especially with a number of knights not being able to enter the hall. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from having a good time.

Prince Madoc was to be knighted. He then went on to say there were a group of squires present who were ready to be knighted. He meant us ofcourse. We were called forth to recount our encounter with the bear and the bandits before the king and the court.

That night we spent in silent contemplation, the traditional vigil in Sarum cathedral. And in the morning we swore our oath and received oursword and spurs.
To me, the vigil was a beautiful experience and I got to reflect on the meaning of this landmark, and pray to our Lord. Prince Madoc and Belias did the same. But I had the distinct impression our pagan friends Jorah and Roland got bored well before midnight.

After the ceremony the gathered knights prepared for another feast, but we never got to that. A messenger rode up while we were still being congratulated with dire news of a Saxon landing on the coast.
We were going to war.

The king decided to send lord Uther with an army to go and kick the foul Irish back into the sea.
The knights of Sarum were chosen to stay behind and guard the lands against a possible attack by the Saxons.
A wise decision as the day after news arrived of a big Saxon raiding party.

When the army left to intercept these barbarians it seemed the king would not join us. However he did at the last moment and I noticed he didn’t look good. I asked our lord about this, and he told me in confidence the king had been poisoned by a Saxon agent and it had been a close call.

The battle itself was touch-and-go. At one point we were hard pressed, especially when the news spread the king had been killed. But lord Gorlois of Cornwall saved the day with a valiant charge carrying the late king’s colours.

During the winter I asked our lord to intervene in a marriage. I felt the need to do this soon as my family is quite small and I did not want to risk this line to die out if I were to fall in battle.
I feel lucky now, as he was able to arrange an agreement and was soon married to the beautiful lady Helen. She also brought an considerable dowery and 2 manors.

Year: 480 AD

- The squires spent several hours training their jousting and riding skills. Although some exercises proved difficult they were selected to go on a hunt for a man-eating-bear near the town of Imber. Accompanied by several hounds and Old Garr, an old priest and former hunter, the squires set off towards Imber that very day.

- The squires managed to find and kill the bear, however Aurelianus became seperated from the group and had an encounter with King Pellenore and the Questing Beast.

- On their way back to Imber the squires encountered three bandits attacking a farmer. They intervened and killed the thugs.

- In Imber they were welcomed as heroes and rewarded with a feast. The next day they returned to Vagon.

- Upon returning to Vagon they were approached by Sir Nidian, the Earl’s constable. He asked them to accompany him to Wynchbank Castle to visit the Lady Ellen and her father. Sir Nidian was asked to see if Ellen would be a good match for marriage.

- At Wynchbank the squires talked to Lady Ellen and learned about her character and interests. One of them flirted with the young lady and she fell madly in love with the squire.

-With their business at Wynchbank concluded the squires set off towards Sarum where the earl awaited them.

- At Sarum the squires where congratulated for their actions and invited to the banquet later that evening. At the banquet they were commended and offered knighthood.

- The squires sat vigil that night, together with Madoc ap Uther who also was to be knighted. When the vigil ended they went through the ceremony and became knights.

- As the ceremony ended and the celebrations began a messenger arrived with word from Cambria. The Irish had landed and were raiding and plundering unhindered. The King called his brother, Prince Uther Pendragon and the newly knighted Madoc to him and a war counsel began.


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