The Great Pendragon Campaign

484 AD.

Idmiston hall of records

King Uther made a deal with one of the other kings to further his ambitions of becoming High king.
He made an agreement to help break a Saxon siege at Eburacum, and in return that king would back him.
So we rode North. As has become expected the so called ‘Tardy Duke’ of Cornwall didn’t show. Neither did Merlin.
We rode into an ambush shortly before we reached our destination, and we were hard pressed and had to retreat.
We lost sir Belias in this battle.
That evening Merlin reached our camp and convinced king Uther to launch a night attack on the Saxon camp, under cover of magical fog.
This time we routed them, and I led our group against one of the Saxon kings whom we killed.

Lady Hellen and I saw the birth of our fourth child. A third daughter.



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