The Great Pendragon Campaign

482 AD.

Idmiston hall of records

Lord Roderic continued his search for a bride. He’s not taking this quest lightly.
Sir Roland received notice of a ghost that’s killing people on his estate. We all went there to see what could be done about it.
Well, he needed a magical weapon, and found some kind of pagan shaman who offered to help him in this quest. I wanted nothing to do with this evil magic, but sir Roland went with it. It’s his soul I suppose.
We tracked the magical weapon to a burial mound. And a type of dragon crawled out. When sir Belias rode of screaming I lost it. I was so angry about his cowardice I lost it.
I have no recollection as to what happened after this. But I came to weeks later praying at a chapel on sir Roland’s estate. I had a new white tabard in my belongings which couldn’t be soiled by any means.
Later we went to war. King Uther continues his attempt to consolidate power as high king. We invaded the Mage King’s lands, but he refused to meet us in the field. So king Uther resulted to occupying the castles, and sent home most of the goods I found in my castle.
However, the army became ill, and Uther was forced to settle. As soon as we reached Logres the illness went away.
Lady Helen and I have a second daughter now. All is well.



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