The Great Pendragon Campaign

Year: 480 AD

- The squires spent several hours training their jousting and riding skills. Although some exercises proved difficult they were selected to go on a hunt for a man-eating-bear near the town of Imber. Accompanied by several hounds and Old Garr, an old priest and former hunter, the squires set off towards Imber that very day.

- The squires managed to find and kill the bear, however Aurelianus became seperated from the group and had an encounter with King Pellenore and the Questing Beast.

- On their way back to Imber the squires encountered three bandits attacking a farmer. They intervened and killed the thugs.

- In Imber they were welcomed as heroes and rewarded with a feast. The next day they returned to Vagon.

- Upon returning to Vagon they were approached by Sir Nidian, the Earl’s constable. He asked them to accompany him to Wynchbank Castle to visit the Lady Ellen and her father. Sir Nidian was asked to see if Ellen would be a good match for marriage.

- At Wynchbank the squires talked to Lady Ellen and learned about her character and interests. One of them flirted with the young lady and she fell madly in love with the squire.

-With their business at Wynchbank concluded the squires set off towards Sarum where the earl awaited them.

- At Sarum the squires where congratulated for their actions and invited to the banquet later that evening. At the banquet they were commended and offered knighthood.

- The squires sat vigil that night, together with Madoc ap Uther who also was to be knighted. When the vigil ended they went through the ceremony and became knights.

- As the ceremony ended and the celebrations began a messenger arrived with word from Cambria. The Irish had landed and were raiding and plundering unhindered. The King called his brother, Prince Uther Pendragon and the newly knighted Madoc to him and a war counsel began.



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